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Wonder Store


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The Cloud Solution

WONDER® Store is a cloud solution to improve the in-store customer experience by means of monitors, tablets and applications while collecting real-time, analytical data of in-store customers seamlessly (sex, age, behaviour, emotions). 

Retail marketing managers don’t know anything about in-store customers

Every single day a huge amount of analytical data is dispersed due to a lack in gathering this kind of information. WONDER® Store makes it easy to know much more about those visitors who today are totally invisible.  

WONDER Store the simplest way to collect and manage in-store data 

WONDER® Store is open to be adopted in different scenarios:
In the simplest case collection is made at the

- Entrance of a store with customised contents start playing by one or many displays during the visitor attendance.

- Thanks to a Magic Mirror and adopting RFID tags we lead the visitor through a richer experience showing on the mirror useful data about the products is interested in.

- With our Visitor Tracking System we can extract data about visitors flows inside the same store or between different stores of the same chain. 

For Enterprise Companies

Specifically designed for enterprises is capable of quickly scaling up to thousands of installations in a short time.
No requirements are needed except an internet connection by which data is delivered to ORACLE WebCenter Sites, the core of our solution where all informations are stored.

Privacy had a major concern in designing WONDER®Store, no pictures nor identities are stored in any place at any time. Citizens Privacy is fully respected, we only collect general data like age and gender, we do not collect identities. 

Collecting data about in-store customers 

Every retailer will be able to extract precious data such as gender and age, in real-time and analyse them in exhaustive Business Intelligence dashboards. 

WONDER® Store is capable to collect real time data from visitor’s face extracting attributes as gender, age, glasses wearing, beard, moustaches . It is also able to recon emotions like anger, contempt, disgust, fear, happiness, sadness, surprise, etc .

Knowing and Delivering

Collecting data is just a ring in the chain of visitor acquirement. Knowing who’s inside the store gives the opportunity to segment different targets and deliver the right contents at the right moment. 

Contents could be offers, promotional videos and images, and could be triggered in association with any segment or in a proactive marketing campaign with a simultaneous start in a specific area or even worldwide. 

Manage and analyse customers data 

While WONDER® Boxes are placed into the stores and collect data from visitors, ORACLE WebCenter Sites gives solid contribution tools by which retailers can build their own segments, recommendations and marketing campaigns, leading Marketing Managers in building their own strategies based on data shown on Business Intelligence dashboards. 

ORACLE Documents Cloud

ODC gives support for managing and deliver contents as documents, videos and images for content recommendations.