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WONDER Marketing

WONDER® Marketing

The Global-to-Local Marketing Solution in Cloud 

WONDER® Marketing (WM) manages collaborative processes in all stages of the life-cycle of campaigns: from concept up to distribution to every stakeholder it is clear what the status of the various marketing artifacts is and who is currently involved in the production processes. With well-designed BI dashboards, WM gives the marketing managers insights in the costs and ROI of every campaign be it in the physical world as well as in the digital world. 

ORACLE Technology 

WONDER® Marketing is based on WONDER® Cloud, Oracle WebCenter Sites 12c in the Cloud (WCS), integrated with various Oracle PAAS Cloud services: Oracle Marketing Asset Management (MAM), Oracle Documents Cloud (ODC), Mobile Cloud Service (MCS), Sites Cloud Service (SCS), Process Cloud Service (PCS) and Eloqua. 

1. MAM: Writing, Discussing, Approving

01. Creating marketing vision
02. Marketing & creative agency collaboration
03. Approving the nal materials 

2. Creating Campaign Channels

The Marketing Team, directly from ODC integrated in WCS, drags & drops marketing material creating new campaign channels. 

3. Defining Marketing Campaign Guidelines

The Marketing Team creates campaigns selecting all the media channels they want to be used: BillBoard, TV, Radio, DEM, Banners, Newspaper, Local Events, etc. and de ning the budget and timing. 

4.Multichannel Campaigns

Branch Managers now have access to marketing campaign material on PC and mobile. 

5. Branches can now define local communication plan

The Branch Managers can now schedule the campaigns by selecting the optimal channels for the local situation and can forecast the costs. 

6.All is ready!

All Media Channels working togheter for the best brand effectiveness.

7. Mobile App

With the Mobile App for Marketing and Branch Managers, using Mobile Cloud Service, users can upload proof of purchases, sending materials, approving invocies and more.

8. The local marketing and communication process under control.

Real-time noti cations and proof of purchases guarantee total control on the marketing activities & costs. 

9. Data Visualisation: Power for the Marketing Manager

Data are visualised in comprehensive dashboards in which Marketing Managers can drill down on campaigns, geographical regions, branches and other KPI’s (e.g. branch revenues). Also forecasting is possible. 

Use Case: REANULT won the ORACLE Innovation Excellence Award 2016

With WONDER® Marketing Reanult achieved the Award.
In 1 year, investments in billboard advertising by dealers tripled and investments in newspaper advertisement grew by 40%!