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The Cloud Solution

WONDER® is a cloud platform based on Oracle WebCenter Sites developed by CRUEL.

WONDER® is an exceptional tool for executing Digital markeitng initiatives succesfully.

The synergetic use of ad-hoc customised we tools allows efficient 360 degree management of Customers online business.

Content Personalisation

WONDER® Cloud significantly improve user loyalty and conversion by displaying specific content for sepcific segments of users with targeted recommendations and promotions.

The targeting feature for content allows the marketer to create and manage targeted campaigns for users by way of a simple, unified and intuitive interface.


Real-time? Outdated, big time! Digital analytics move fast, but people move even faster.
That's why Wonder speeds up data analysis and tracking.


E-xpand, e-merge, e-xcel, e-tcetera! Selling on the web, through a respon- sive e-commerce site that also works on tablets and smartphones: e-xciting! 

Content Management

Content power to you.
With Wonder, managing content is a virtual piece of cake.
You don't need a PhD in computer science.


Visibility with no boundaries The world is ever more on the go. Wonder frees your website from the desktop and moves it to all mobile devices. 


Wonder speaks the same language as 

its potential customers. You can have either one website with contents translated into various languages, or one website per language.

Social Networks 

Ultra-social, ultra-fast Wonder allows you to publish on Face- book, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn with just one click