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With more than 15 years of experience and more than 100 successfully completed projects on Enterprise level CMSs, from Fatwire to Oracle Webcenter Sites, CRUEL is one of the leading companies in the world with high level expertise in OWCS development.




CRUEL is one of the few companies already developing on the newest 12c version of OWCS. Cruel most recent product (Wonder Marketing) is completely based in this new technology.

This new version allows to greatly improve development speed (and reduce re-work) by completely separating the Data Logic from the presentation layer (MVC pattern).

CRUEL has gained significant experience in the integration of external payment systems, from PayPal to Credit Cards to Custom systems (see both and Not only, CRUEL has solid expertise in the integration of WCS with ATG and Endeca implemented for the e-commerce part of the Tim portal.



CRUEL also gained great experience with multi-language portals during the Expo Italy portal development (3 languages), and Euroscript portal ( 12 languages including Chinese).

The entire CRUEL experience and project portfolio will always reflect in great development speed and low bug rate, thanks also to the SCRUM methodology applied during development.

SCRUM methodology allows for continuous customer feedback and rapid adaptation or pivoting whenever needed.



CRUEL has a strong executive sponsorship and management support of the project mission and project team, thus CRUEL projects are always staffed dynamically depending on project needs and allowing CRUEL to always meet customer timeline requirements.

High quality standards are guaranteed by QA leading technologies and automated tests based on Selenium. 

Development, bugs and general statistics are tracked throughout the project life using Jira proven capabilities.

Clear roles and responsibilities defined for the project in order to assure accountability, ownership, and quality complete CRUEL expertise.