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The Project

“With 6 millions of pages view daily, EXPO 2015 is the project of the year”. The main event in Milan is managed by Oracle WebCenter Sites and our Team. All WebCenter Sites features are used in this project: from Drag&Drop and Community to Proxy Assets and Rest API services. It is integrated with iOS/Android native App via REST, Xuniplay Event Manager via Proxy Asset, IAM access management and other systems, constituting a prime example of the use of WCS as an enterprise experience management system. A community server is used to include user generated content in the EXPONET magazine. Social Login and Pool give the EXPO website real community interaction. Excellent cache management ensures high portal performance”.

Using the 3-level cache management of WCS we have been able to serve 4 Million pages a day with only 8 dual-core processors in the front end.

Proxy Assets

Using Proxy Assets OOTB feature, contributors were able to drag&drop events, coming from an external Event Management Platform, directly on the pages of the website offering to the users the same main UX/UI experience.

In the same way Contributors could add more rich content on the events with video from EXPO2015 YouTube Channel. Finally all rich content created was served via REST API to the mobile Apps and Interactive Kiosks placed in the exhibition centre.


WCS Recommendations Engine right side articles(red box in the image) in the magazine were generated depending single article weights and categories clicked by users during navigation. In this way lists changed depending on user behaviours across articles weight decided by Contributors.

In the same time Contributors were able to switch from an automatic content generation and a contributors manual selection of articles.


Using Community Server features Contributors were able to activate comments in specific articles dragging&dropping the comment feature in a slot. With the activation of the Social Login with Facebook and Twitter users were able to login with their social credentials and insert comments. Also, activating the moderation option Contributors were able to approve comments and rejects automatically offensive contents.